Our Story

I grew up working in LA as a commercial dancer and recording artist, and I truly loved being around other artistic people with strange and eccentric personalities. I was amazed at how talented some people are and it taught me that, as humans, we are capable of shaping our own beautiful realities. I came to the conclusion early on that artists are magicians; they make amazing things appear out of thin air.

Another thing about me is that I love to shop. But my love turned sour when I kept running into two major problems: 1) nothing is original anymore 2) anything original is usually expensive. So all of this got me thinking about how I wished a store existed that sold fresh, original merchandise that I could afford. That’s when it occurred to me who makes fresh and original material…artists.

New Profanity is what I got when I embraced my passion for retail and added a little magic. Everything in my store is created by artists. No corporate America here. Every piece is designed with pure emotion (I don’t say designed with “love” because not everyone creates out of “love”). Every item in the store is handpicked by me and purchased one-on-one with the artist who made it. The result is a boutique that contains a variety of unique curiosities that will satisfy even the most daring of palettes.

So welcome to New Profanity. There is something here that was made just for you…don’t you want to know what it is?

- Natasha Polhamus / Owner


Natasha is pictured here with Nick & Cassandra Pazdernik (mom and dad), and Doug Polhamus (husband and co-owner).